Bengtskär lighthouse - tallest in the Nordic countries

You will mostly cycle on smaller roads. On the way, you will get to know Teijo, Mathildedal and the village of Dalsbruk, where ironworks history has helped shaping the villages. Two of the areas national parks awaits, Teijo and the Archipelago. You will visit local restaurants that are all one of a kind, and will serve you dishes that will make your mouth water.

As a highlight of your trip you can spend your last day in  the lighthouse of Bengtskär, You will daily cycle between 30-50 km. Along the trail you will stop at many interesting places for a break.


Welcome to the coastal route!

1. Day

Arriving at Salo (by buss or train) during the afternoon or evening. Check in at Hotel Fjalar. While in Salo you can visit the exhibitions in Salo Art Museum (Veturitalli), the electronics museum in Astrum center, the historic area in Rikalanmäki or enjoy the atmosphere in the villa of Wiurula. The bike will be available for you as soon as you have checked in at the hotel.


2. Day (about 35km)

Breakfast at the hotel. The biking will begin in a varying terrain, with the iron village of Teijo in sight. On our way we can see a glimpses of the sea, and we can for example make a stop in the ironworks village of Kirjakkala. When arriving in Teijo you can enjoy the wonderful villa or church from outside, or take a coffee in the restaurant of an old blast furnace. The road continues to Mathildedal, where you will spend your next night. Here you can do everything from petting the alpacas to tasting beer and chocolate. Teijo national park with its trails and wonderful sceneries, is almost a must see. The wonderful nature is waiting for you!


3. Day (about 50 km)

After breakfast you will head towards Kimitoön island. The Strömma channel is the only place in Finland where you can see the tide with your bare eyes. You will make your way over the channel and continue to the centre of Kimito. Here you can have a coffee break and visit the charming outdoors museum of Sagalund. The trail continues through Pederså and Branten to Västanfjärd. During this part you will get to enjoy the beautiful archipelago landscapes, as the trail partly goes right by the sea. If you´re in need for lunch on the way, restaurant Kanskakoulu is a good choise. The centrum of Västanfjärd, Lammala, is a cute small village, and nearby you can find both an old and a new church. We continue to Nivelax where you will spend the night in a rewarded golf hotel. Dinner at the hotel is served during the evening.


4. Day (about 30km)

From Nivelax you will head to Dalsbruk. The charmingly rough village offers you the possibility to enjoy the weekly Saturday market and relaxed local cafeterias. If you take a small tour in the centre you will experience both old and new architecture. You will see buildings from the 19th century, from which the most memorable ones probably are the ruins from the old blast furnace and the unique charcoal ovens. If a small round in a beautiful lake scenery sounds interesting, head your bike to the nature trails by the “blast furnace lake” nearby.

The journey continues to the south part of the island, Kasnäs. The road curves between beautiful beaches, and on the way, you will be able to enjoy the view from the longest bridge in South West Finland. Arriving in Kasnäs, there you will stay at the spa hotel, where using the gym and swimming area in the spa facilities are included. There is also a shop and a restaurant in the area.


5. Day

Today you will make an unforgettable trip by the boat to the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic coutries, Bengtskär.

Programme varies little bit due to the date:

26.5.2019: Eider-safari to Bengtskär. During spring you can experience a different phenomenon, hundreds of eider ducks are nesting on the island while living in harmony with the people. In the lighthouse we will have a short guidance and as a lunch we will enjoy the local fish soup.

4.6. & 18.6.2019: Boat tour to Rosala Viking Center and Bengtskär lighthouse.

At the Viking Centre, you will go back a thousand years to the legendary Viking Age. Besides traditional exhibitions, the centre has a Viking village with reconstructed buildings where you can try on a Viking warrior’s armour and play games that were popular during that age. In the atmospheric chieftain’s hall, you can enjoy a delicious fish soup by candlelight.

After the Rosala Viking Centre we continue our tour towards the tallest lighthouse of Nordic countries.

First we will have a presentation about the past and present of the lighthouse. After that there is a free time.

From the top of Bengtskär lighthouse, there’s a breathtaking view of the open sea. The exhibitions on the lower floors tell about the life of the lighthouse keepers, the battle of Bengtskär, and the nature of the archipelago. In the cafe you can enjoy a cup of coffee, and out on the rocks you can sunbathe by the sea. You can take a swim in the clear waters of the southern bay.

At the end of the day you can enjoy what the restaurant and spa in Kasnäs has to offer. What could be better than taking a relaxing bath after a long day? We will stay the night in Kasnäs, as the night before.

Wheather conditions:

Harsh weather and/or high waves can prevent landing on Bengtskär. This usually happens about two times per month during the summer. If the weather forecast predicts harsh weather, we will try to inform you the day before, but sometimes conditions can change quickly and there is a chance we will not be able to inform you in advance. In this case we will have another programme, which is Örö fortress island.


6. Day

After breakfast you still have time to enjoy the last breaths of fresh air in Kasnäs, before the transfer to Dalsbruk at 10.45. From Dalsbruk you will continue on transfers to either Turku or Helsinki by busses that will depart at 11.25 (see timetables:

End of the tour.

The bicycling trip costs: 775 € / person

The price includes:
-5 nights accommodation in shared 2 person room with breakfast
-the possibility to use sauna everywhere we stay and using the spa facilities in Kasnäs
-dinner on day 3
-boat trip to Bengtskär lighthouse (incl. entrance fee, guidance, lunch)
-transfer for luggage
-transfer from Kasnäs to Dalsbruk the last morning

Extra fees:

-bicycle rent (helmet, side bags, fixing tools, road-side service/spare tire, 2) 120 €.  You can also rent an electrically-assisted bike,
extra cost is 240 €

-Single room extra is 180€


Route can been seen and downloaded in

13-7 days before departure -75 %
Less than 7 days – 100%

Office fee is 50 € in case of cancellation before 35 days before departure.